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Creationists are not designers


Creationists are not designers, nor have they ever studied how the process of design actually works. But creationists, proponents of intelligent design have one truism on their side: things are not created ex nihilo.

Who could blame them? The teological argument goes back to as far as Plato, who himself was famously critical of the majority of Arts (for the argument’s sake, let’s refrain from discussing whether design is really art or not), especially the puritan’s favourite sweethearts: poetry and painting. The ignorance of intellectuals in design matters is also seen in the “creation” of the watchmaker argument which was meticuously “designed” by Paley. He asserts that the watch exhibits analogous complexity when compared to the Universe and as it would be preposterous to assume that the atoms forming the watch just happened to assemble together by sheer chance, the same improbability must be taken into account when talking about the inception of our universe.

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